Jean Bauer

Research Director

2014-2018 Associate Director

Jean Bauer
  • Ph.D. History, University of Virginia
  • A.B, University of Chicago


B-9H-3 Firestone Library

Specializations: data modeling, data visualization, network analysis, early American history


Jean Bauer sets the research direction of the CDH and is responsible for developing innovative digital humanities projects and diffusing digital humanities tools and methods into the Princeton curriculum. Through a combination of formal training and curiosity Bauer is an early American historian, database designer, and photographer.  Prior to working at Princeton she was the Digital Humanities Librarian at Brown University from 2011-2014.  At the University of Virginia she developed and built The Early American Foreign Service Database, which she used to do analysis for her dissertation “Republicans of Letters: The Early American Foreign Service as Information Network, 1775-1825.” She blogs and tweets at and @jean_bauer, respectively. For more information, see her website