Data Curation

When working with data in the humanities, we need to grapple with the technical necessity of cleaning, reducing, and normalizing data in ways that don't hide diversity and nuance. How much messiness should we maintain in our data and how can we do so? How do we want to invite other scholars to view our data: as the polished result of an investigation or argument? Or, as an experimental lens on our subject matter, a sandbox that we invite others to play in?

These are the questions negotiated by datasets produced at the CDH, each of which imagines different forms of argumentation and different kinds of stories that can be told in humanities scholarship.

The Center for Digital Humanities offers Data Fellowships for faculty, graduate students, staff and postdoctoral fellows working with humanities data. We also offer consultation on issues related to humanities data curation and humanities datasets. To request a consultation, please enter your information here.

For further questions about and approaches to humanities data, Research Data Service provides the Princeton research community with the expert services and infrastructure needed to store, manage, retain, and curate digital research data, and to make research data available to the broader research community and to the public.


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