Humanities Data Teaching Fellows

In order to develop new humanities-focused curricula for data and computer science undergraduates, the CDH launched the Humanities Data Teaching Fellowship in Spring 2021 in partnership with the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning and with the support of a Magic Grant from the Princeton Humanities Council.

The inaugural cohort of Humanities Data Teaching Fellows receive a stipend and work with the Center for Digital Humanities to develop humanistic course modules for the popular undergraduate course “Introduction to Data Science” (SML 201), offered by the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning. Fellows will gain insight into basic data visualization and analysis topics covered in SML 201, hone their curriculum development skills, and apply their skills and training as humanists in innovative ways. Fellows will then work independently to develop course modules based in their subject expertise. Finally, Fellows may have the opportunity to deliver a guest lecture / precept in SML 201 during the Fall 2021 semester, teaching the module they have developed.

The second cohort of Fellows will join the program in the Fall of 2021, and will work with the CDH and faculty in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to develop humanities-centered course modules that would be taught in relevant SEAS courses in the Spring of 2022.