Humanities Data Teaching Modules

Our Humanities Data Teaching Fellows have created modules for introducing the basic concepts of data science and computational analysis into humanities classrooms.

Introduction to Python

Gyoonho Kong, German

Nobel Prize Winners Python Module

This module uses the Nobel Prize Winners dataset to introduce Python's syntax and basic data analysis for humanists. No prior experience with Python is needed.

Click the link above to open this module directly in Google's CoLab or download the notebook file below.

Transforming Data with dplyr in R 

Daniel Persia, Spanish & Portuguese

Translation Database Data

This module uses the Translation Database to demonstrate how to calculate summary statistics and transform data with the dplyr package in R.

Click the link above to download the data used in this module and download the R Markdown file below for the full module.

Nobel Prize Winners Python Module

Gyoonho Kong

Translation Database Module in R

Daniel Persia