Check Out Fall 2023 Graduate DH Course Offerings in NJ and NY

For graduate students in the humanities looking to use computational methods in their research or study the histories, cultures, and theories of information, we’ve made a list of relevant courses for Fall 2023 offered throughout the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium (IUDC). The IUDC is an association of universities in New York and New Jersey that enables PhD students to enroll in graduate-level courses for credit at any of the participating universities.

These courses can also be used to satisfy the elective requirement for the CDH’s new Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities (so long as students get them approved by the certificate directors). To enroll in a course, submit copies of a completed registration form to the IUDC coordinator at both your host and home institutions by any school-specific deadlines.

Columbia University

IUDC coordinator: Sophia Cheng
Deadline to register:
September 22, 2023

Center for Comparative Literature and Society

English and Comparative Literature


CUNY Graduate Center*

IUDC coordinators: Vincent J. DeLuca and Matthew Schoengood

Digital Humanities



  • HIST 79500: Digital History (Anne Valk)
    • cross-listed with Digital Humanities (DHUM 78000)

Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures

The New School for Social Research*

IUDC coordinator: Ryan Gustafson


  • GANT 6614: Technopolitics (Antina von Schnitzler)
    • Instructor permission required

Historical Studies


New York University*

IUDC coordinator: Li Cao




Institute for the Study of the Ancient World

Princeton University

IUDC coordinator: Jenny Smith
Deadline to register:
September 18, 2023


Art and Archaeology


East Asian Studies



Near Eastern Studies

Rutgers University*

IUDC coordinator: Benjamin Arenger


* Contact IUDC coordinator for this school’s registration deadline.

Carousel photo by Ryan Dellolio on Unsplash

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