LLM Forum: Tal Linzen with Tania Lombrozo (topic: understanding)


LLM Forum

Apr 17 4:30 – 6:00 pm

Recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have produced a new class of neural networks called Large Language Models (LLMs) that demonstrate a remarkable capability to generate fluent, plausible responses to prompts posed in natural language. While LLMs have already revolutionized certain industry applications, the debut of ChatGPT has generated new anxiety and curiosity about machine intelligence, especially in the way we teach, research, tell stories and report facts.

The Princeton LLM Forum is bringing together leading scholars and researchers from a variety of disciplines and fields to discuss the implications that large language models (LLMs) have on our understanding of language, society, culture, and theory of mind. Join us for a discussion between Tal Linzen, Associate Professor of Linguistics and Data Science at New York University, and Tania Lombrozo, Arthur W. Marks '19 Professor of Psychology and Director or the Program in Cognitive Scienceat Princeton University.

Tal Linzen is an Associate Professor of Linguistics and Data Science at New York University and a research scientist at Google. He studies the connections between human and artificial intelligence, with a focus on language: what can AI systems teach us about how humans learn and understand language, and how can we advance language technologies using what we know about humans?