The Ends of Prosody

The final phase of the Princeton Prosody Archive

Project team

“The Ends of Prosody” is the final project phase of the Princeton Prosody Archive (PPA), the flagship project of the CDH. In this Research Partnership with the CDH, the project team is completing a final round of active development on the web application (currently available at as we think through what it means to “end” a digital project of this magnitude responsibly. To answer long-standing research questions about the history of prosodic discourse, we are applying Natural Language Processing, computer vision, and other computational methods to several datasets extracted from the PPA web application. We are also working with Princeton University Library to make these datasets accessible to researchers on Princeton’s campus during a conference planned for May of 2025. We imagine these datasets, as well as the scholarly articles derived from the conference and Research Partnership, as the stable research outputs that will inevitably outlast the dynamic web application. “The Ends of Prosody” therefore not only makes new discoveries about literary history; it also provides a sustainable solution to the problem of digital project lifecycles.

The project team is grateful to former CDH Research Software Engineer Ryan Heuser for his work during Fall 2023 writing the Python script to extract the full-text corpus from the web application.

CDH Grant History

  • 2024–2025 Magic Grant, Humanities Council
  • 2024–2025 The Bain-Swiggett Fund, Department of English
  • 2024 Research Partnership