CDH Awards Fall 2017 Seed Grants

Congratulations to the recipients of Fall 2017 CDH Seed Grants! Awards were given to faculty, graduate students, and staff from Sociology, English, German, Slavic, the library, and the CDH to support a variety of digital humanities endeavors.

Keep an eye out for these exciting DH projects, and apply for CDH funding to launch your own! Applications for Spring 2018 Seed Grants are due March 26, 2018. Graduate students are eligible to apply for Travel Grants, which are accepted on a rolling basis. This year we are also offering special grants for Public Digital Humanities Projects. For more information about our Public Digital Humanities initiative, join our Reading Group or contact CDH postdoc Jim Casey.

Interactive Digital Model of Anna Maria van Schurman’s 17th-century Scherenschnitt: Sonja Andersen (PhD Student, Department of German) and William Stewart (PhD Student, Department of German) will use CDH funding to start creating a digital platform that will allow users to explore a virtual Scherenschnitt, an intricate handmade paper-cutting and material poem by the 17th-century Dutch poet Anna Maria van Schurman .

Editorship as Collaboration: A Set of Digital Projects on Multi-Ethnic Periodicals: Jim Casey (CDH Postdoc) will use the Seed Grant to support early development of five interlinked public digital projects on multi-ethnic periodicals in the Americas. The projects will begin with a digital poster session held during a symposium, “Editorship as Collaboration: Patterns of Practice in Multi-Ethnic Periodicals,” at the American Antiquarian Society in April 2018.

Voices from the Underground: Moscow in Transition: Professors Miguel Centeno (Sociology) and Deborah Kaple ( Sociology ) will use CDH funds to digitize and organize roughly 300 two-hour interviews they conducted in Moscow in 1993 with Russian citizens about their view of the past, present, and future.

Reading in Utopia: The CDH Seed Grant will help Matthew Rigter (PhD Student, English) conduct paleographic research on the first English translation of Thomas More’s Utopia (1517). Matthew will focus on Princeton’s 1556 imprint, held at Rare Books and Special Collections, and will travel to the University of Illinois to consult an additional copy.

Slavic DH Working Group: The steering committee of the Slavic DH Working Group will use CDH funds to launch a set of initiatives to incentivize broader participation in Slavic DH, support campus outreach and fundraising efforts, and explore partnerships with peer institutions. The Steering Committee is Katherine Hill-Reischl (Assistant Professor, Slavic Department), Thomas Keenan ( Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Librarian), Philip Gleissner (PhD Student, Slavic Department) and Natalia Ermolaev (Assistant Director, CDH)

Inscribing Identities on Uniformed Bodies: With CDH funds, Taylor Paige Winfield (PhD Student, Sociology) will start transcribing interviews with military cadets for her dissertation on identity (re)formation in institutional settings, and plans to use topic modeling to analyze this data.

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