Jim Casey

2017-2020 Perkins Postdoctoral Fellow

Jim Casey

PhD English, University of Delaware


Jim Casey is postdoctoral research associate of the Center for Digital Humanities. At the University of Delaware, he co-founded the award-winning Colored Conventions Project. His current book project is The Invention of Editors, 1740-1872. With P. Gabrielle Foreman, he is co-editor of The Colored Convention Movement: Black Organizing in the Nineteenth Century (forthcoming from UNC Press). His research interests include nineteenth-century African American studies, periodicals, print culture, and editorship studies. In the public and digital humanities, his practice centers around critical approaches to data, print/digital archives, and crowdsourcing. He directs Douglass Day, an annual participatory history event for expanding participation in the work and memory of African American history. He serves as vice president of the Research Society for American Periodicals. For more, see jim-casey.com.

Next, Jim Casey will be an Assistant Professor of African American Studies, History, and English at Pennsylvania State University.

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