Jim Casey

Perkins Postdoctoral Fellow

Jim Casey

PhD English, University of Delaware


Jim Casey is postdoctoral research associate of the Center for Digital Humanities. At the University of Delaware, he co-founded and led the award-winning Colored Conventions Project. He is co-editor of the forthcoming edited collection Colored Conventions in the Nineteenth Century and the Digital Age. His research interests include print culture, nineteenth-century American literature, African American studies, and the history of editing. He serves as an instructor at HILT and on the advisory board of the Research Society for American Periodicals. For more, see jim-casey.com.

At Princeton, he will develop a project titled “A Committee of the Whole: Social Networks of the Early Black Republic of Letters.” The project engages academic and public collaborators across the country to gather and explore data on the social networks of early African American communities—including schools, churches, newspapers, anti-slavery societies and the Underground Railroad. The project will blend public humanities outreach with digital research methods to rediscover a longer history of collective Black activism in the United States.

At the CDH, Jim will lead a reading group on the public digital humanities, teach the introductory DH course, and assist with workshops.