Course Offerings in Fall 2017

Digitally inflected courses on offer for Fall 2017:

Course Number Title Professor Registrar Link
COS 324 Introduction to Machine Learning Elad Hazan & Yoram Singer
ELE 381 / COS 381 Networks: Friends, Money and Bytes Christopher G. Brinton
COS 496 Special Topics in Computer Science - Complex Networks - Analysis and Applications Andrea A. LaPaugh
SML 201 Introduction to Data Science Yan Huang
ARC 525 / MOD 524 Mapping the City: Cities and Cinema M. Christine Boyer
URB 385 / SOC 385 / HUM 385 / ARC 385 Mapping Gentrification Aaron P. Shkuda
ARC 584 Architecture, Media, and Climate Daniel A. Barber
HIS 402 / AAS 402 / AMS 412 Princeton and Slavery Martha A. Sandweiss
ECO 326 Economics of the Internet: The Digital Revolution Swati Bhatt
AAS 301 / SOC 367 Black to the Future: Science, Fiction, and Society Ruha Benjamin
FRS 179 Princeton and the Dawn of the Information Age H. Vincent Poor
AMS 399 / HIS 399 In the Groove: Technology and Music in American History, From Edison to the iPod Emily Thompson
SPA 330 / POR 330 / LAS 390 Junior Seminar: Spanish and Portuguese-Speaking Worlds Christina H. Lee & Nicole D. Legnani
HUM 233 / EAS 233 / COM 233 East Asian Humanities I: The Classical Foundations Anna M. Shields & Brian R. Steininger
COS 109 / EGR 109 Computers in Our World David P. Dobkin
JRN 448 The Media and Social Issues - Reporting on Race in America Today Tanzina I. Vega
THR 210B / STC 210B Storytelling with Technology for Performance David K. Bengali & Sharon L. De La Cruz
VIS 215 / CWR 215 Graphic Design: Typography David W. Reinfurt
ENG 324 James Joyce's <i>Ulysses</i> Joshua I. Kotin
ENV 367 / GEO 367 Modeling the Earth System: Assessing Strategies for Mitigating Climate Change Laure Resplandy
LIN 310 Intonation: Melody in Language Byron T. Ahn
MUS 314 / COS 314 Computer and Electronic Music through Programming, Performance, and Composition Jeffrey O. Snyder
URB 202 / HIS 202 / HUM 202 / VIS 200 Documentary Film and the City Purcell Carson, Alison E. Isenberg
SOC 411 Simulating Social Processes: An Introduction to Agent Based Modeling Elizabeth M. Roberto

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