Xinyi Li

2016-2018 User Experience Designer

Xinyi Li
  • M.F.A Communications Design, Pratt Institute

Xinyi Li is a designer working within the realms of visual communication and interactive experience. Xinyi embraces the evolving landscape of design and regards design as a method of inquiry to intellectual challenges and complex problems. She obtained a Master of Fine Arts in Communications Design from Pratt Institute, where she engaged in design projects, research, and teaching activities. She has given talks about her work at the Digital Humanities Conference, AIGA Converge, AIGA/NY’s Fresh Grad, and has conducted workshops at Pratt Free School. Her practice ranges from design research for healthcare system at Diagram, to interactive design at Apple and Intel.

Xinyi was the User Experience Designer at the Center for Digital Humanities from 2016 to 2018. She worked with CDH staff on issues of interdisciplinary collaborative research and developed a design collaboration process, designed user experience and visuals for CDH sponsored projects, taught workshops providing design and thinking tools to facilitate meaningful visual production for humanistic knowledge.

Xinyi is currently teaching at the Undergraduate Communications Design Department at Pratt Institute.

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Xinyi Li