Joseph Yannielli

2016-2017 Postdoctoral Fellow

Joseph Yannielli
  • Ph.D. History, Yale University

I study the history of slavery and abolition, with a special focus on America, West Africa, and the wider world during the nineteenth century. Other areas of interest include political and social movements, missionaries and religion, capitalism and globalization, and the United States in the world. At present, I am completing a book about the Mendi Mission and the role of Africa in the American abolition of slavery. Established in the wake of the Amistad revolt, the mission was a transatlantic extension of the Underground Railroad and a key site of action and imagination in the global contest over chattel slavery.

My digital humanities interest and expertise ranges widely, but centers on archives, databases, and content management (Drupal, Omeka, WordPress), media encoding and delivery, equity and open access, and digital pedagogy.