Ipsita Dey

Graduate Fellow

Ipsita Dey is a first year graduate student in Anthropology. Ipsita conducts research on generational narratives of political trauma and transnational expressions of identity in Ugandan-Indian communities. Specifically, Ipsita is interested in political and race relations between Ugandan-Indian and indigenous Ugandan communities. Ipsita hopes to incorporate several DH methods in her dissertation work, including: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to map and analyze segregated Indian enclaves in Kampala's growing urban infrastructure; textual analysis on Ugandan periodicals to understand public narratives and rhetoric on Ugandan Indian issues; and network analysis to chart and visualize the social connections/business partnerships among the Ugandan Indian economic elite. Ipsita is excited to learn more about interdisciplinarity as a Graduate Fellow in the Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton!