Research Partnerships

The CDH is not accepting applications for Research Partnerships in AY 2021–22. Please check back for updates.

2020–21 CDH Research Partnerships

Deadline March 2, 2020

The CDH is seeking full-time faculty research partners for AY 2020–2021. Partners will work with the CDH to produce new tools and/or digital scholarship at the intersection of humanities and information technology.

We especially welcome partnerships to design and build:

As part of the award, CDH Research Partners are granted time from CDH’s Development and Design Team. Partners collaborate with the CDH on project planning, design, implementation, testing, launch, and publicity. The CDH also provides project management oversight in the form of orientations, workflow support, and training for the dedicated project manager if one is needed. Partners are expected to participate in a project showcase in Spring 2021.

If the project is large enough to warrant a dedicated project manager, the CDH will provide an additional project manager fellowship to an eligible Princeton graduate student and train the student in project management best practices. The Project Management fellowship runs for six months (renewable once) and awards $1,500 per term.

Applicants may also request summer funding ($7,500) and matching funds of up to $5,000 to pay Princeton students as research assistants, bring experts to campus, or purchase necessary equipment. CDH funds may not be used for travel.

Partnerships may start as early as June 2020 and can run through June 2021, although they do not have to last a full 12 months. Applicants must be available for regular in-person meetings with the CDH during the course of the grant.

For data-driven projects, partners must have either completed a CDH Dataset Curation Grant or have their data reviewed by a CDH staff member to verify that the datasets are sufficiently clean, documented, and accessible to support the proposed development work.

The application should describe (in no more than 1000 words, excluding budget):

  1. Description of research question
  2. Description of data (if project is data-driven)
  3. Desired outcomes
  4. How partnering with the CDH will enhance this project
  5. Partnership team (include names of CDH staff and roles, if any, to be filled by non CDH personnel)
  6. Source of matching funds and any other funding available to the project
  7. Preliminary budget

Applicants are encouraged to reach out to the CDH for consultations and for dataset review before submission by using our consultation form. Requests for grant consultations must be submitted no fewer than 5 working days before the deadline.

Applications will be reviewed by CDH’s Faculty Executive Committee for conditional acceptance. Final acceptance requires partners and CDH to scope and plan their work for the coming year to mutual satisfaction and to document their agreement in a project charter.

All code developed through a CDH partnership will be released under an open source license. The CDH is particularly interested in developing partnerships that will facilitate the publication of datasets under an open access license.

Application material should be sent as a single PDF file to