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Current Issue

01/14/2021: “Rolling into 2021 at the CDH”

Past Issues

12/24/2020: “Happy holidays from the CDH”

12/10/2020: “Community in Collections, Collections as Data”

11/12/2020: “Dissertation Prize Winner's Advice? Experiment.”

10/29/2020: “We'd like to introduce you to Startwords”

10/15/2020: “Indigenous DH Resources, Projects, and Activism”

10/01/2020: “How 3 CDH Alumni Found Library Careers”

09/17/2020: “Thesis Prize Winner Teaches Computers to Paint Landscapes”

09/03/2020: “Fall Semester is Here -- CDH is Here for You”

07/23/2020: “Putting Pieces Together: First Look at the Geniza Project”

07/09/2020: “Inside the JUST DATA Lab's Pandemic Portal”

06/25/2020: “DH Racial Justice Advocacy”

06/11/2020: “A Statement from the CDH + Antiracism Resources”

05/28/2020: “Meet one of our DH graduates + summer funding opportunities”

05/14/2020: “Working on a DH project this summer?”

04/30/2020: “Links and Looking Ahead”

04/16/2020: “Gender, History, and Code”

04/02/2020: “Volunteers Complete Douglass Day Transcribe-a-Thon!”

03/19/2020: “We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming”

03/05/2020: “Infrastructure First, Shiny New Things Second”

02/20/2020: “What would you do with a dataset curation grant?”