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Fall 2023 courses are up--and what should you sign up for?

Get inspired by our twice yearly list of Princeton courses on media studies, technology, data and culture, and more.

African American Studies

AAS 303 / GSS 406 / HUM 347: Topics in Global Race and Ethnicity: Scientific Racism, Then and Now (Dannelle Gutarra Cordero)
AAS 332 / GSS 333: A History of Intellectual Appropriation of Blackness (Dannelle Gutarra Cordero)
AAS 339 / EGR 339: Black Mirror: Race, Technology, and Justice (Ruha Benjamin)

American Studies

AMS 406: Advanced Seminar in American Studies: The Disney Industrial Complex (William A. Gleason)


ANT 211: Surveillance, Technoscience, and Society (Beth Semel)
ANT 347: Culture, Media, and Data (Jeffrey D. Himpele)
ANT 437 / AAS 437: Gaming Blackness: The Anthropology of Video Games and Race (Akil Fletcher)


ARC 311: Building Science and Technology: Building Systems (V. Mitch McEwen)
ARC 522: History of Comparative Architecture: Architecture, Film and the Spatial Imaginary (Daniel Sherer)

Center for Human Values

CHV 385 / AAS 385 / VIS 385 / COM 308: The Hidden History of Hollywood–Research Film Studio (Erika A. Kiss)

Civil and Environmental Engineering

CEE 102A / EGR 102A / MAE 102A: Engineering in the Modern World (Michael G. Littman)
CEE 102B / EGR 102B / MAE 102B: Engineering in the Modern World (Michael G. Littman)

Comparative Literature

COM 300: Junior Seminar: Introduction to Comparative Literature (Karen R. Emmerich)
COM 513 / MOD 513 / PHI 554: Topics in Literature and Philosophy: Probable Lives (Daniel Heller-Roazen)

Computer Science

COS 109 / EGR 109: Computers in Our World (Brian W. Kernighan)
COS 126 / EGR 126: Computer Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Alan Kaplan; Dan Leyzberg)
COS 226: Algorithms and Data Structures (Pedro Miguel Reis Bento Paredes; Kevin Wayne)
COS 302 / SML 305 / ECE 305: Mathematics for Numerical Computing and Machine Learning (Ryan P. Adams)
COS 324: Introduction to Machine Learning (Suma P. Bhat; Jia Deng; Ruth C. Fong)
COS 350: Ethics of Computing (Arvind Narayanan)
COS 436: Human-Computer Interaction (Andrés Monroy-Hernández)
COS 597F: Advanced Topics in Computer Science: Embodied Language Understanding (Karthik Narasimhan)
COS 597G: Advanced Topics in Computer Science: Understanding Large Language Models (Danqi Chen)

East Asian Studies

EAS 239 / COM 254 / GSS 239: Modern Chinese Poetry: Seeing Modern China Through the Poetry Cloud (Xiaoyu Xia)

Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 434 / COS 434: Theoretical Machine Learning (Chi Jin)


EGR 361 / ENT 361 / URB 361 / AAS 348: The Reclamation Studio: Humanistic Design applied to Systemic Bias (Majora J. Carter)
EGR 383 / ENT 383: Design Research and Humanistic Innovation (ken anderson)


GER 523 / MOD 500 / HUM 523 / ENV 523: Topics in German Media Theory & History: Ecopolitics of Media: Material, Knowledge, Resource Regimes (Thomas Y. Levin)


HIS 298: Information Revolutions
HIS 390: Formations of Knowledge: Historical Approaches to Science, Technology, and Medicine (Katja Guenther)

Humanistic Studies

HUM 233 / EAS 233 / COM 233: East Asian Humanities I: The Classical Foundations (Brian R. Steininger; Trenton W. Wilson)


LIN 201 / CGS 205: Introduction to Language and Linguistics (Christiane D. Fellbaum)


MUS 314 / COS 314: Computer and Electronic Music through Programming, Performance, and Composition (Thomas Morrison)

Near Eastern Studies

NES 369 / HIS 251 / JDS 351: The World of the Cairo Geniza (Marina Rustow)


PHI 321: Philosophy of Science (David Builes)
PHI 322 / CGS 322: Philosophy of the Cognitive Sciences (Sarah-Jane Leslie)


POL 345 / SOC 305 / SPI 211: Introduction to Quantitative Social Science
POL 502: Mathematics for Political Science (Kristopher W. Ramsay)
POL 573 / SOC 595: Quantitative Analysis II (Rocío Titiunik)

Population Studies

POP 501 / SOC 531: Survey of Population Problems (Alicia Adsera)


PSY 255 / CGS 255: Cognitive Psychology (Jordan A. Taylor)
PSY 360 / COS 360: Computational Models of Cognition (Tom Griffiths)
PSY 503: Foundations of Statistical Methods for Psychological Science (Jason Geller)

Science and Technology Council

STC 349 / ENV 349 / JRN 349: Writing about Science (Michael D. Lemonick)


SOC 301: Statistical Methods in Sociology (Tod G. Hamilton)
SOC 500: Applied Social Statistics

Statistics and Machine Learning

SML 201: Introduction to Data Science (Daisy Yan Huang; Ricardo Pereira Masini)
SML 310: Research Projects in Data Science (A) (Ricardo Pereira Masini)
SML 312: Research Projects in Data Science (B) (Jonathan P. Hanke)


THR 210 / STC 210: Storytelling with Technology for Performance (David Bengali; LaJuné McMillian)

Translation and Intercultural Communication

TRA 200 / COM 209 / HUM 209: Thinking Translation: Language Transfer and Cultural Communication (Max D. Weiss)

Urban Studies

URB 385 / SOC 385 / CHV 385 / ARC 385: Mapping Gentrification (Aaron P. Schkuda)

Visual Arts

VIS 205 / CWR 215: Graphic Design: Typography (David W. Reinfurt)
VIS 220: Digital Animation (Tom Szetela)
VIS 425: Haptic Lab (Joe Scanlan)

Writing Program

WRI 177: The Posthuman (Marina Fedosik)
WRI 178: The Posthuman (Marina Fedosik)

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