Critical Studies in Gaming Lab

Digital gaming to experiment with how we think, talk, play, and create.

Project team

Critical Studies in Gaming Lab

Increasingly, scholars are attendant to the space of digital games and how they replicate the issues that humanities scholars grapple with on a daily basis—questions of race, gender, sexuality, class, and caste; questions of mediation, textuality, form, visuality, and affect; questions of embodiment, of history vs. memory, and so many others. The Critical Game Studies (CGS) Lab has been conceptualized as a space within which individuals can critically engage with digital games.

The CSG Lab will serve two functions: first, provide a space for students, faculty, staff, artists and community members to gather and engage with digital games. Discussions will be held in person monthly, with a communal blog that participants are expected to post to regularly. Second, the lab will develop its own digital games, attendant to the critical topics breached in our discussions. Game production will span the production of narrative digital games (crafted with software like Twine), and virtual reality games (produced with programs like Unity).

CDH Grant History

  • 2016–2017 Sponsored Project