Wafa F. Isfahani

2018-2019 Graduate Assistant

2018-2019 University Administrative Fellow

Wafa F. Isfahani
MA Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University

Wafa Isfahani graduated with an MA from the Near Eastern Studies department at Princeton in 2019. Wafa worked at the CDH as a University Administrative Fellow and Graduate Assistant from 2018-2019 on the Year of Data project. Over the course of the year, Wafa got to know the wonderful staff at CDH, and learnt a lot about DH practices. Currently Wafa works as a Special Collections Assistant for the Near Eastern Collections at the Princeton University Library. Wafa is also co-organizing the first South Asia Digital Humanities Workshop at Princeton taking place in Spring 2020 with Ellen Ambrosone (South Asia Librarian, PUL) and Amna Qayyum (PhD, History) with sponsorship by the CDH. When Wafa is not working, she is either dancing or listening to South Asian classical music.

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