Launching a Digital History Lab for the Twenty-First Century: Concepts, Methods, and Institutions



Mar 07 4:30 – 6:00 pm
Dickinson 211
Dickinson 211

Jo Guldi is Professor of Quantitative Methods at Emory University. Guldi mostly thinks in terms of the history of land and water: who got evicted; who controlled the water; how land was mapped, owned, connected, and used, and what stories we tell about those displacements that have shaped the world that came after. She is also a scholar of history who uses machine learning, statistics, and other big-data methods to approach the traditional concerns of the humanities. Before joining Emory, Guldi served as was on faculty at Southern Methodist University (2016-2023) and was also previously Hans Rothfels Assistant Professor of History at Brown (2012-16).

This lecture is sponsored by the Humanities Council's Short-Term Visiting Fellowship program.