Humanities Data Workshop Series - Workshop #2: Finding Humanities Data


Nov 03 12:00 – 1:00 pm

Register on the Princeton University Library website.

This workshop will explore what it means to search for humanities datasets. We’ll explore the factors that make finding such data more challenging, including institutional and material factors that affect access. The workshop will introduce participants to resources for finding well-documented and sourced datasets. Participants will gain experience working through ethical questions in sourcing data, and learn about best practices for data collection. We’ll explore how your datasource impacts the kinds of research questions scholars can ask about humanities objects as we navigate digital repositories, metadata, the complexity of full-text search, and principles that shape how data becomes findable, accessible, and usable.

This is the second in the Humanities Data Workshop Series, and all are welcome to register, whether or not they attended the first or plan to attend the rest of the series.

Humanities Data Workshop Series overview:

A joint initiative between the Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) and Princeton Research Data Service (PRDS), this workshop series will explore what “data” means in the context of humanities scholarship and provide an introduction to key techniques and analytical considerations for data-curious faculty, early-career researchers, graduate students, and library staff. Over the course of 6 workshops (tentatively, 3 workshops per semester), participants will learn about the animating methods and questions that go into finding, structuring, cleaning, and preserving data in humanities contexts. Sessions will use case studies from a range of disciplines, and will pay particular attention to the interpretative and ethical decisions involved in creating datasets from objects of humanities research.