The Greek Revolution of 1821 online: A Digital Archive and a Research Project


Guest Lecture

Dec 05 12:00 – 1:15 pm
Center for Digital Humanities
Firestone Library, Floor B

Presented by Ada Dialla, Associate Professor of European History at the Department of Theory and History of Art, School of Fine Arts (Athens) and Visiting Fellow in the Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies at Princeton, Fall 2019.

Professor Dialla's presentation aims to discuss the collaborative and the interdisciplinary research project “ The Greek Revolution of 1821: Digital Archive ” (organized and implemented by the Research Center for the Humanities based in Athens). The project seeks a) to build a digital archive b) to provide a platform for researches and the broader public with a variety of material (archives, collections, works of art, everyday objects, folk songs, and other historical artifacts) c) to raise new research questions with an emphasis on the European, transnational and global
context of the Revolution. Professor Dialla will also present a) material concerning Greek-Russian trans-cultural relations and b) examples of using the archival content to produce digital historical narratives, scenarios, and exhibits.

This event will be co-sponsored by Hellenic Studies, the Slavic Digital Humanities Working Group, and the Center for Digital Humanities