Building Bridges with Data


Apr 12 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Center for Digital Humanities
Firestone Library, Floor B

How do we ethically engage with physical (print) archives in the twenty first century? How do we access, create, and maintain archives for global change? In short, how do we build transcontinental bridges across cultures and institutions through a shared interest in archival data? “Building Bridges with Data” addresses these issues with a series of roundtable discussions around how archives — and archival data — allow for the creation of powerful cross-continental conversations. This symposium will invite conversations from renowned global scholars about sustainable methodologies and strategies for engaging with archives and material.

The event will consist of three panels on “accessing data,” “creating/rescuing data,” and “sustaining/maintaining data.”  


    1. Alberto Manguel, Former Director of the National Library of Argentina
    2. Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez, Librarian for Latin American Studies, Latino Studies, and Iberian Peninsular Studies, Princeton University
    3. Gabrielle WinklerSpecial Collections Assistant for the Latin American Ephemera Collection
    4. Alex Gil, Digital Scholarship Coordinator, Humanities and History Division, Columbia University Libraries
    5. Francesca Giannetti, Digital Humanities Librarian, Rutgers University
    6. Luiza Wainer, Metadata Librarian, Spanish/Portuguese Specialty, Princeton University
    7. Marcy Schwartz, Professor of Spanish, Rutgers University
    8. Rubén Gallo, Walter S. Carpenter, Jr., Professor in Language, Literature, and Civilization of Spain, Princeton University
    9. Jessica Mack, Graduate Student  in Department of  History, Princeton University