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Something truly inspiring has been happening in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Something that started small, as the brainchild of a few wonderful humans at Columbia University, and has continued to grow, to blossom, and to bifurcate among a variety of institutions across the nation. This something takes virtually no training and can be done from anywhere with just a laptop, an internet connection, and a bit of time; yet this something has a direct impact on relief efforts in Puerto Rico, and is a great way for people who are far away to contribute something that will make a big difference. This something is the #PRMapathon movement.

CDH Web 2.0 is live!

The CDH recently unveiled its new web site with a soft launch coinciding with our Fall Open House. We’re very excited to showcase the work of our development team, and also to create a new foundation for future expansion.

Meet Our (New) Graduate Students!

As we gear up to kick off the Fall semester with fabulous workshops, consultations, lectures, and funding opportunities, we at the CDH wanted to give you the chance to meet some of our graduate students. Read their guest blog posts below to learn more about their research and what led them to work with the CDH, and be sure to look for them around campus!

So Long, and Thanks for All the Muffins

Every conference needs a strategy. As a species they are overwhelming, packed end-to-end with intellectually appealing events and social occasions. Try to do too much and you’ll end up too exhausted for later events. Try to do too little and you’ll be victim of some intense FOMO. Your humble blogger has made both these mistakes at other conferences and, as a first-time attendee of DH, was determined not to make them again. I stayed in the McGill “dorms” (think 3-star hotel complete with free breakfast) for maximum proximity so that, between events, I could rest, hydrate, and change shoes so that I was never in heels for more than 3 hours at a time. (I broke this last rule the night of the closing banquet.)

Are you our new DH Developer?

The CDH is hiring!  We are looking for a curious, committed, and collegial colleague to join our Development and Design Team as our second Digital Humanities Developer. You will work with database designers, UX designers, project managers, fellow programmers and the faculty, students and staff of Princeton University to create innovating projects and contribute back to the Open Source software community.  
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