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CDH at Princeton Research Day!

Come see members of the CDH - Rebecca Munson, Ben Hicks, Nora Benedict, Natalia Ermolaev, Mary Naydan, and Meagan Wilson - present their DH research at Princeton Research Day 2018 on May 10.

Public Digital Humanities Grant Awards

We are happy to announce the recipients of the CDH's first Public Digital Humanities Seed Grants. These grants will support innovative projects in the Digital Humanities that bring together Princeton researchers with public partners, local communities, and the general public. These awards build on the CDH's successful 2017-2018 series of events, groups, and workshops on the public digital humanities.

CDH Dataset Curation Grant Awards

As we look forward to the beginning of the Year of Data (AY 2018-2019), we are happy to announce the six successful recipients of CDH's inaugural Dataset Curation Grants. The recipients and their teams will join the CDH community in a year-long conversation about the methodological, cultural and social questions raised by the collection, management and interpretation of data in the humanities. Here is a snapshot of the projects supported by the Dataset Curation Grants:

Center for Digital Humanities Senior Thesis Prize

The Center for Digital Humanities Senior Thesis prize will be awarded to the thesis that best incorporates digital humanities methods or theories into independent work. The thesis itself can be a digital humanities project, or can incorporate digital humanities research into a larger framework.

Meet our New Digital Humanities Developer, Nick Budak

I'm Nick Budak, the new Digital Humanities Developer at the CDH. I'm a self-taught developer with a degree in Asian Studies who is interested in building interactive, beautiful interfaces for DH projects. Lately I've been fascinated with the functional programming paradigm, especially in the context of functional reactive programming in modern JavaScript. Exciting progress is being made every day in the world of web development, and I hope to bring some cutting-edge tools and methods to the CDH.

Reconsidering the Relationship Between Performer and Piano

When was the last time you wondered about the consequence of an everyday action such as dropping a glass of water or pressing a piano key? Will the glass shatter when it hits the floor? Will the depressed key sound harmonious? As we learn and grow, we become less enchanted by the results of our routine actions. In music, this predictability between an action and its resulting sound has allowed composers to notate music with a clear idea of how it will sound before it's even performed.

Get to know our upcoming speakers!

Risam and Morrison on post-colonial theory, feminist media studies, and digital humanities The CDH is very excited to announce two guest lecturers in early March. On March 5, Roopika Risam (Salem State) will talk about Recovering the Global Dimensions of W. E. B. Du Bois’s Career, and on March 7, Aimée Morrison (University of Waterloo) will give a lecture on Social Justice Selfies: Hasthag Counter Narratives and Activist Counter Publics. On March 6, Professors Risam and Morrison will jointly teach a workshop, Digital Humanities in Translation: Communicating Your Scholarship to Multiple Publics, on how to effectively communicate, talk and write about academic work and interdisciplinary scholarship in the various contexts and virtual venues made possible by the Digital Humanities.

Meet Our New Graduate Student Assistants!

As we gear up to kick off the Spring semester with fabulous workshops, consultations, lectures, and funding opportunities, we at the CDH wanted to give you the chance to meet our two new graduate assistants. Read their guest blog posts below to learn more about their research and what led them to work with the CDH, and be sure to look for them around campus!
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