Check Out Our Curated Spring ’23 Course List

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: course registration!

CDH Faculty Director Meredith Martin has made her semi-annual crawl through the Princeton course catalog to bring you a list of undergraduate courses on media studies, technology, data and culture, and more.

And this semester there is a course taught by Meredith herself! She is teaming up with Brian Kernighan (Computer Science) for a seminar on Literature as Data. If you are a freshman or sophomore, make sure to apply by Friday, February 18.

African American Studies

AAS 314 / COM 398 / REL 303 / AFS 321: Healing & Justice: The Virgin Mary in African Literature & Art (Wendy Laura Belcher)
AAS 339 / EGR 339: Black Mirror: Race, Technology, and Justice (Ruha Benjamin)


ANT 238: Human, Machine, and In-Between: The Anthropology of AI (Beth Semel)
ANT 245 / ENV 245 / AMS 245: Nuclear Princeton: An Indigenous Approach to Science, Technology and the Environment (Ryo Morimoto)

Art and Archaeology

ART 106 / VIS 106 / ENT 106: Looking Lab: Experiments in Visual Thinking and Thinking about Visuals (Lucy Partman)

Chemical and Biological Engineering

CBE 260 / EGR 260: Ethics and Technology: Engineering in the Real World (Bruce E. Koel)

Comparative Literature

COM 332 / HUM 332 / TRA 332: Who Owns This Sentence? Copyright Culture from the Romantic Era to the Age of the Internet (David M. Bellos)

Computer Science

COS 126 / EGR 126: Computer Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach (David I. August, Alan Kaplan, and Jérémie Lumbroso)
COS 205: Nand to Tetris: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles (Shimon Schocken)
COS 217: Introduction to Programming Systems (Donna S. Gabai, Christopher M. Moretti, Jennifer L. Rexford)
COS 226: Algorithms and Data Structures (Dan Leyzberg, Jérémie Lumbroso, and Kevin Wayne)
COS 429: Computer Vision (Olga Russakovsky)
COS 484: Natural Language Processing (Danqi Chen)

East Asian Studies

EAS 370: Brainwashing, Conversion and Other Technologies of Belief Contagion (Steven Chung)
EAS 410: For a Language To Come: A Creative/Critical Media Workshop (Franz K. Prichard)


EGR 200 / ENT 200: Creativity, Innovation, and Design (Majora J. Carter, Jessica J. Leung, Christopher MacPherson)
EGR 277 / SOC 277 / HIS 277: Technology and Society (Mihir E. Kshirsagar)
EGR 383 / ENT 393: Design Research and Humanistic Innovation (ken anderson)


ENG 259 / AMS 259: Film and Media: Animation (Monica Huerta and Russ Leo)

Freshman Seminars

FRS 114: Technology and the Environment (Vivian Feng)
FRS 148: Global Tactics in Hybrid Media and Performance Making (Jaamil Olawale Kosoko)
FRS 168: What to Read and Believe in the Digital Age (Joe Stephens)
FRS 172: Origins of Modern Communications and the Principles of Innovation (Swati Bhatt)

Gender and Sexuality Studies

GSS 208 / AAS 208: Media, Sex, and the Racialized Body (Dannelle Gutarra Cordero)


GER 211: Introduction to Media Theory (Thomas Y. Levin)
GER 408 / ECS 404 / HUM 408 / DAN 325: Media and/as Performance (Susan Morrow)


HIS 390: History of Science, Technology, and Medicine: Ideas and Methods (Erika L. Milam)

Humanistic Studies

HUM 307 / ENG 277: Literature as Data (Brian W. Kernighan and Meredith A. Martin)


JRN 445: Investigative Journalism: Data-driven Reporting (Neil Bedi)


LIN 260 / AFS 262: Languages of Africa (Florian Lionnet)


MUS 248 / PSY 248: Music Cognition (Elizabeth H. Margulis)
MUS 316: Computer and Electronic Music Composition (Tyondai A. Braxton)


POL 346: Applied Quantitative Analysis (Marc Ratkovic)
POL 347 / ECO 347: Game Theory in Politics (Matias Iaryczower)
POL 474 / CHV 474: Media and Democracy: Normative and Empirical Perspectives (Jan-Werner Müller)

Public and International Affairs

SPI 200: Statistics for Social Sciences (Richard W. DiSalvo)
SPI 365: Tech/Ethics (Steven A. Kelts)

Science and Technology Council

STC 209A / EGR 209A / MUS 209A: Transformations in Engineering and the Arts (Sigrid Adriaenssens, Penelope Georges, Naomi E. Leonard, and Jeffrey O. Snyder)

Slavic Languages and Literatures

SLA 304 / RES 304: Soviet Animation: Between Art and Propaganda (Svetlana Korshunova)
SLA 314: From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg: Censorship and Literature in Russia


SOC 306 / SML 306: Machine Learning with Social Data: Opportunities and Challenges (Brandon M. Stewart)

Statistics and Machines Learning

SML 201: Introduction to Data Science (Ricardo Pereira Masini)

Translation and Intercultural Communication

TRA 301 / COS 401 / LIN 304: Introduction to Machine Translation (Srinivas Bangalore)

Visual Arts

VIS 208: Graphic Design: Link (Laurel Schwulst)
VIS 220: Digital Animation (Tim Szetala)


WRI 149: Your Life in Numbers (Daniel M. Choi)
WRI 178: Posthuman, The (Marina Fedosik)
WRI 185: Gamification (Adrienne M. Raphel)

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