Data Beyond Vision Shortlisted for IIB Awards

CDH staff research project Data Beyond Vision has been shortlisted in the the “unusual” category of the Data Visualization Society’s 2022 Information is Beautiful Awards.

The category recognizes visualizations in “unique mediums,” such as “sonification, physical visualization installations, data art, personal stories, [and] interesting datasets.”

As the award entry explains, Data Beyond Vision, directed by CDH Lead Developer Rebecca Sutton Koeser, “is an experiment in data physicalization to create tactile, tangible representations of data in order to defamiliarize and refresh the insights that the best data visualizations can offer.” CDH User Experience Designer Gissoo Doroudian, former User Experience Designer Xinyi Li, and former Digital Humanities Developer Nick Budak also worked on the project.

Components of Data Beyond Vision include a weaving representing the references in Chapter 1 of Jacques Derrida’s de la Grammatologie (1967), a two-variable, three-dimensional lollipop chart showing the membership of the Shakespeare and Company lending library and bookshop in interwar Paris, and more.

A person weaving with purple thread

Doroudian weaves one of the data physicalizations.

You can read more about Data Beyond Vision in the inaugural issue of Startwords, our experimental humanities periodical.

Congratulations to the team!

Head to the Information is Beautiful Awards website for other amazing projects.

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