2021 Updates

Introducing How We Work

Next month, the CDH kicks off How We Work, a new series for graduate students on the theme of work. How do you pursue “traditional” careers in a changing educational landscape? Is there anything truly “alte…

Is a spreadsheet a database?

Plenty of people use Google Sheets for data curation; what would it look like to use Google Sheets as a lightweight relational database? Read about experiment with this on the Princeton Ethiopian Miracles of Mary (PEMM) proj…

Join Us for Douglass Day, February 13!

We are celebrating Frederick Douglass's chosen birthday with two events focusing on the relationship between education and activism. You are invited!

Rolling into 2021 at the CDH

Before we move ahead, we're taking this moment to celebrate all that the CDH did accomplish in 2020, even as our staff and project management meetings moved to Zoom and we saw more of each others’ homes, pets, and family mem…
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