On Working at the CDH: A Note from Ara Eagan

Ara Eagan21 served as Undergraduate Communications Assistant at the CDH from 2019 to 2021.

My experience working with the CDH began with a simple job posting looking for an undergraduate administrative and communications assistant. After having a very friendly interview, I was extremely excited to learn I received the job. For the next month or so, I adjusted to CDH daily life—meeting amazing people, getting to know the work atmosphere and environment, and settling into my work. A great aspect of my job was that there were always different tasks that allowed me to get to know the individuals at the CDH one-on-one, and contribute to multiple projects. Just some of these projects included contributing to the CDH Twitter and Instagram, the Shakespeare and Company Project, tasks for the Princeton Prosody Archive, and contributing to Douglass Day and other CDH events.

Ara Eagan smiles at the camera while wearing a graduation robe.

In this diverse role, I not only gained life and professional experience but had truly valuable interactions with CDH members that have impacted me in almost every aspect of my life. Throughout the course of the almost two years I worked for the CDH, it has been incredibly rewarding professionally, academically, and personally, and I have learned so much from so many. One of my favorite memories was my orientation lunch where I got to meet other undergraduate and graduate workers, as well as better acquaint myself with the CDH staff. In a lovely parallel, despite being virtual, I had my last staff meeting with the CDH where they celebrated my graduation and my moving on from the CDH, reading anecdotes and advice for my future ahead. I truly value the time I’ve spent with the CDH and encourage students to not only reach out to the CDH as a resource academically but if there are any openings for undergraduate workers, to take advantage of a student job that was and is a defining part of my Princeton experience.

Thank you, Ara, for all of your contributions! Good luck and stay in touch!

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