Honor Indigenous Peoples’ Day by Exploring Indigeneity in DH

As many places in the United States observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day this week, we are taking this week’s issue of the CDH newsletter to highlight Indigenous work and activism in and about Digital Humanities. Below, find readings, projects, activists, and additional resources that critique the relationship between Digital Humanities and Indigeneity, projects that celebrate Indigenous cultures past and present, and resources for scholars interested in learning more about Indigenous DH. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and if you know of other people or projects, please share them with @PrincetonDH, where we’ll help amplify them.

Web page screenshot with various photographs of plateau tribal culture.

A screenshot from the home page of the Plateau Peoples’ Web Portal.

Books, Articles, and More

Digital Humanities Projects

  • Plateau Peoples’ Web Portal, “a collaboratively curated and reciprocally managed archive of Plateau cultural materials”
  • Native Land Digital, a map overlaid with Indigenous territories, languages, and treaties, along with resources including a teachers’ guide
  • Recoding Relations, a brief podcast series on Indigenous new media and the politics and potentials of the Digital Humanities. Read more about the creation of the project, too .
  • just fem things, a podcast by Lindsay Nixon for the Indigenous Digital Humanities Lab at the Centre for Digital Humanities, Ryerson University, asks “what makes a thing feminist, and the methodology and methods of knowing that thing Indigenous? What does it mean to love things, to be kin to things, to make kin through things?”
  • @IndigiTikTok, a TikTok account led by Indigenous content creators (and supported by the Centre for Digital Humanities at Ryerson University) that launched this week
  • Mukurtu CMS, an Indigenous publishing and archiving tool “aiming to empower communities to manage, share, and exchange their digital heritage in culturally relevant and ethically-minded ways”
  • Mapping Indigenous LA, story maps that uncover layers of Indigenous community and history in Los Angeles
  • Traditional Knowledge (TK) Licenses, inspired by Creative Commons, TK licenses are envisioned as “a new and complementary set of licenses that addressed the diversity of Indigenous needs in relation to intellectual property”
  • Guide to Indigenous DC, a mobile app and walking tour

Indigenous Data and DH Activists to Follow

Other Resources

Carousel Image: A screenshot from the home page of the Plateau Peoples' Web Portal .

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