Data Set Meetup | March 25 | Save the Date!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 4:30pm
Location: TBA
Center for Digital Humanities
Center for Statistics and Machine Learning

This meetup will feature lightning talks on humanities data sets that a) have been produced, cleaned, or maintained at Princeton, and b) that pose interesting questions or intractable problems to a data scientist. How did researchers structure and document their data? How has it been stored? Our goal will be to begin a conversation on comparative research methods across the humanities and data sciences: what are our research objects and how do we describe them differently?

Stay tuned for a call for data sets. Presenters will be asked to provide a short (ca. 100 word) summary of the data, what the data covers, how it was collected, how it is stored, and a short description of its reuse potential.

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