December 2019 Updates

Tracking the Sounds of Early Chinese Texts

How did puns and clichés function in ancient societies? The Digital Intertextual Resonances in Early Chinese Texts (DIRECT) Project helps scholars of ancient China ask these kinds of questions and more, including: what did ancient Chinese sound like? How do these phonetic qualities highlight the ways in which similar sounds in ancient Chinese texts obfuscate their original meanings?

Coding with Unknowns

A deeper dive into a bit of the code behind the Shakespeare and Company Project to explore how we might represent ambiguity in code when a machine requires certainty.

Spring 2020 Undergrad Courses on Data, Tech, and Digital Culture

This Spring semester, Princeton is offering over a hundred undergraduate courses at the intersections of technology and culture. Disciplines and fields include the history of technology, digital humanities, media theory, applications in programming, science and technology studies (STS), and media art. View the comprehensive list of these courses below.
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