November 2019 Updates

Visualizing Derrida

For many digital humanities teams, the only thing better than bringing a successful project to life is seeing its underlying data put to use by other scholars. That's why, when the University of Michigan's Justin Joque tweeted about a visualization using data from Derrida's Margins, the CDH developers who built the project were delighted.

Envisioning Slavic DH: A Visual Culture Workshop at the CDH

Slavic Studies DH is having a moment. The energy has been building for some time: North American Slavists are joining the active DH affiliate group of our main professional organization (ASEEES), and DH initiatives are thriving across Russia. Slavic DHers from around the globe met at last summer’s major annual DH conference in Utrecht, speaking at the first-ever panel dedicated to issues specific to our field, and excitedly planning future collaborations.  

The Researcher and the Mysterious Note on the Library Card

Who knew that something as innocuous as a library lending record could be connected to the life of a refugee escaping during a time of war? The detective work of one researcher on the Shakespeare and Company Project, a digital humanities initiative that uses documents from the Sylvia Beach Papers at Princeton's Firestone Library, has uncovered a fascinating example of ingenuity inside Beach's lending library.
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