Digitally-inflected classes at Princeton in Spring 2019

Undergrads - are you looking for courses to take in the Spring?

Sign up for these classes that explore art, literature, history and society using various digital and computational approaches - from documentary films, to sound culture, to the Victorian novel, to museum studies, to digital histories of crime.

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Digital thinking/data-processing tools:
EGR 200/ENT 200 Creativity, Innovation and Design Sheila Pontis, Rafe Steinhauer
EGR 381 Design for Understanding Sheila Pontis
COS 126 / EGR 126 Computer Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach Dan Leyzberg
SML 201 Introduction to Data Science Michael Guerzhoy
POL 346 Applied Quantitative Analysis Omar Wasow
COS 424 / SML 302 Fundamentals of Machine Learning Barbara E Engelhardt
COS 426 Computer Graphics Adam Finkelstein
TRA 301 / COS 401 / LIN 304 Introduction to Machine Translation Srinivas Bangalore
FRS 154 Weird Data Jim Casey
Using humanistic methods to understand the digital/technological world:
EGR 277 / SOC 277 / HIS 277 Technology and Society Janet A. Vertesi
EGR 495 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age Staff
ENV 318 / HUM 318 Environmental Conflicts and Indigenous Media Candis L. Callison
JRN 400 The Media in America - What to Read and Believe in the Digital Age Joe Stephens
ENV 316 Climate Science and Communications Michael D. Lemonick
ANT 446 / ENV 364 Nuclear Things and Toxic Colonization Ryo Morimoto
CWR 349 / VIS 349 Introduction to Screenwriting: Writing for a Global Audience Christina Lazaridi
DAN 224 Experiential Anatomy Sasha Welsh
DH - as medium/image
VIS 219 Art for Everyone Fia Backström
VIS 218 Graphic Design: Image Francesca Grassi
STC 209 A&B / EGR 209 A&B / MUS 209 A&B Transformations in Engineering and the Arts Sigrid M. Adriaenssens, Aatish Bhatia, Adam Finkelstein, Jeffrey O. Snyder
ANT 333 / VIS 333 A River Runs Through Us Naomi S. Stone, Jeffrey Whetstone
ART 467 / LAS 413 Museum as Laboratory: Experimental Art Practices in Latin America and Beyond Irene V. Small
ANT 455 Visible Evidence: Documentary Film and Data Visualization Jeffrey D. Himpele
DH - sound
MUS 359 Sound Cultures Gavin Steingo
HUM 470 / ENG 482 / MUS 433 Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities - Voice Majel A. Connery, Jeff Dolven
DH - history & lit
ENG 565 The Victorian Novel - The Long Media Century: Victorian to Modern Garrett F. Stewart
NES 523 / HIS 563 Readings in Judeo-Arabic Marina Rustow
SLA 221 / RES 221 Soviet Culture, Above and Below Ground Katherine M.H. Reischl
ART 567 / MOD 567 Seminar in History of Photography - The Amateur Photographer: From the Invention to the Selfie Anne McCauley
DH- mapping
URB 300 / ARC 300 / HUM 300 / SLA 300 Urban Studies Research Seminar Katherine M.H. Reischl, Aaron P. Shkuda
ARC 312 / URB 312 Technology and the City: The Architectural Implications of the Networked Urban Landscape Andrew Laing
DAN 310 / ARC 380 / THR 323 / URB 310 The Arts of Urban Transition Aaron Landsman, Aaron P. Shkuda
ARC 525 / ART 524 Mapping the City: Cities and Cinema M. Christine Boyer
HIS 453 Digital Histories of Crime in the Americas Robert A. Karl
PSY 327 Topics in the Formal Analysis of the Urban Structure - Environmental Challenges of Urban Sprawl J. Nicole Shelton

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