Meet our New Digital Humanities User Experience Designer, Gissoo Doroudian

Hi! I’m Gissoo, the new User Experience Designer at the CDH, with a curious mind and soul.

I recently graduated from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit with a Master of Fine Arts in Interaction Design. The reason I pursued this Interaction Design degree was always knowing how much there is that I still don’t know, especially after graduating with my bachelor’s degree. I was particularly interested in learning about Systems Thinking and how learning about this way of thinking could serve me not only in resolving design problems but also in my personal life to help me become a better human.

I have worked and focused on projects that encourage rethinking and redesigning existing content management systems, search engines, and collaboration processes and workflows, and I hope to bring some of the insights gained from my learnings and findings to the CDH.

I have learned a lot from Epictetus, Hafez, and Beatrice Warde. I love to learn other languages, travel as much as I can, and cook for family and friends.

I’m so happy to be here and excited to be as helpful as possible working with the amazing team at CDH.

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