CDH at Princeton Research Day!

Come see members of the CDH - Rebecca Munson, Ben Hicks, Nora Benedict, Natalia Ermolaev, Mary Naydan, and Meagan Wilson - present their DH research at Princeton Research Day 2018 on May 10.

Project Designer Rebecca Munson will give a talk “Common Readers: A Material History of Reading Drama by Shakespeare and His Contemporaries” on annotations in copies of plays by Shakespeare and his contemporaries. CDH Developer Ben Hicks 's talk “The Pliny Project: An Online Database of Pliny the Younger's Letters” is about his project that aims to capture the social connections of the 2nd-century AD Roman aristocrat in an electronic format. And check out the posters by Postdoc Nora Benedict, “Global Networks of Cultural Production”, which explores transatlantic literary print culture in Latin America during the twentieth century, primarily through the efforts of the Argentine writer, critic and literary editor Victoria Ocampo. Assistant Director Natalia Ermolaev 's poster, “The Serge Prokofiev Archive as Data,” will show how digital methods can help us better understand an archival collection's importance, and let us tell stories from the archive more impactfully than ever before. Graduate students Mary Naydan and Meagan Wilson will present their work on CDH Faculty Director Meredith Martin's Princeton Prosody Archive (PPA), which explores the development of the study of poetics in linguistic science, in the study of phonology, and in the history of English literature prior to its institutionalization in the late 19th century as a university discipline.

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