March 2018 Updates

Meet our New Digital Humanities Developer, Nick Budak

I'm Nick Budak, the new Digital Humanities Developer at the CDH. I'm a self-taught developer with a degree in Asian Studies who is interested in building interactive, beautiful interfaces for DH projects. Lately I've been fascinated with the functional programming paradigm, especially in the context of functional reactive programming in modern JavaScript. Exciting progress is being made every day in the world of web development, and I hope to bring some cutting-edge tools and methods to the CDH.

Reconsidering the Relationship Between Performer and Piano

When was the last time you wondered about the consequence of an everyday action such as dropping a glass of water or pressing a piano key? Will the glass shatter when it hits the floor? Will the depressed key sound harmonious? As we learn and grow, we become less enchanted by the results of our routine actions. In music, this predictability between an action and its resulting sound has allowed composers to notate music with a clear idea of how it will sound before it's even performed.
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