February 2018 Updates

Get to know our upcoming speakers!

Risam and Morrison on post-colonial theory, feminist media studies, and digital humanities The CDH is very excited to announce two guest lecturers in early March. On March 5, Roopika Risam (Salem State) will talk about Recovering the Global Dimensions of W. E. B. Du Bois’s Career, and on March 7, Aimée Morrison (University of Waterloo) will give a lecture on Social Justice Selfies: Hasthag Counter Narratives and Activist Counter Publics. On March 6, Professors Risam and Morrison will jointly teach a workshop, Digital Humanities in Translation: Communicating Your Scholarship to Multiple Publics, on how to effectively communicate, talk and write about academic work and interdisciplinary scholarship in the various contexts and virtual venues made possible by the Digital Humanities.

Meet Our New Graduate Student Assistants!

As we gear up to kick off the Spring semester with fabulous workshops, consultations, lectures, and funding opportunities, we at the CDH wanted to give you the chance to meet our two new graduate assistants. Read their guest blog posts below to learn more about their research and what led them to work with the CDH, and be sure to look for them around campus!
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