Time to Sign Up for DH Summer Programs!

Want to learn more about digital humanities theories, methods or tools? One of the best ways to grow your skills and make great connections is to attend a DH summer school or workshop.

There are lots of great options! One of the most established is the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) in beautiful Victoria, BC (June 4-8 & June 11-15, 2018), which offers over 70 different week-long classes and short one-day workshops on topics ranging from Text Encoding Fundamentals, to Web APIs, to Digital Publishing in the Humanities.

Another option this summer is the Humanities Intensive Learning and Teaching (HILT), which will take place in nearby Philadelphia (June 4-8, 2018). They offer many courses as well, including Python for Humanists and Advocacy by Design. CDH’s own Jim Casey will teach a workshop on Spaces and Stories in the Black Public Humanities.

In Europe for the summer? Spend a week in Oxford at the Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School (July 2-6, 2018) or at The European Summer University in Digital Humanities in Leipzig, Germany (July 16-27, 2018).

Need more options? Try DHSITE@Ottawa (May 2-5 & July 4-7, 2018), DH@Guelph (May 14-18, 2018), DHSI@Congress (May 2018, Regina), DHI Beirut, ILiADS @Hamilton College DHi, EDIROM DH, or the training programs offered by the Institute of Documentology and Scholarly Editing (IDE), the Women Writers Project at Northeastern University, or Programming4Humanists at Texas A&M.

Most programs offer bursaries for graduate students, but apply early ! And don’t forget the CDH Graduate Student Travel Fellowships, accepted on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year.

Feel free to set up a consultation with one of the CDH staff members if you have questions about any of these or other summer programs: cdh-consults@princeton.edu

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