CDH: The First Three Years 2014–2017

The CDH Three Year Report (2014-2017) is here!

In the span of five years, digital humanities at Princeton has grown from a small initiative led by a handful of faculty members, graduate students, staffers, and librarians, all meeting in a college residence dining room, to a world-class research center housed in a gorgeous new space in Firestone Library.

While we are eagerly planning the future of digital humanities at Princeton, we are delighted to present this report on our activities over the last three years. As you read about our accomplishments, you will notice that we track success not only by the innovative research projects we’ve supported, but also by the connections we’ve forged and the communities we’ve built. We are proud of our culture of interdisciplinary collaboration across the humanities, the social sciences, and the sciences. Our advisory board reflects this commitment, as does our lively space on B Floor of Firestone. On any given day you can stop by for a consultation on starting your own digital humanities project, attend a workshop on data visualization, hear a renowned scholar discuss technology and the humanities, or just tinker with our Legos.

The CDH welcomes scholars from all parts of the university at all levels—from undergraduate to professor emeritus, from visiting researcher to subject librarian. We are committed to fostering innovative scholarship that bolsters Princeton’s unique strengths in traditional humanities disciplines. Please enjoy this report on our first three years as an official center.

Meredith Martin

Faculty Director, Center for Digital Humanities

Associate Professor, Department of English

Infographic showing the increasing metrics of the CDH, such as number of Postdoc positions and coffee pods consumed.

Growth of the CDH in the past three years, Xinyi Li (2017)

Sankey diagram showing CDH projects and the disciplines they belong to.

CDH research projects in academic year 2016–2017, Xinyi Li (2017)

The First Three Years 2014–2017

CDH 2014–2017 Activity List

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