Project Managers and Designers - Meet up at DH 2017!

Do you design and manage digital projects?

Would you like to know more people like you?

Do you need some advice...

...or want to give some?

Do you like fun?

If so, come to our DH PM Meetup ! Find a community of people who are designing infrastructure, determining best practices, and managing projects. We want to be able to share resources, seek advice, and learn from one another. All interested parties welcome!

Join us at N Sur Mackay (1244 Rue Mackay) on Wednesday August 9th starting at 6:30pm. Your organizers Natasha Ermolaev ( @nermolaev ) and Rebecca Munson ( @Shxperienced ) will be sipping cocktails at this 1920s-themed bar. In speakeasy fashion, the entrance is a little hidden so tweet or DM if you’re having trouble finding us. 1920s attire not required. Any questions? You can find us on or tweet to @PrincetonDH.

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