Course offerings in Spring 2017

Digitally inflected courses on offer for Spring 2017

Course number
Registrar link
COS 424
Fundamentals of Machine Learning
Xiaoyan Li and Barbara Engelhardt
COS 401
Introduction to Machine Translation
Srinivas Bangalore
COS 435
Information Retrieval, Discovery and Delivery
Andrea S. LaPaugh
ANT 347
Anthropology of Media
Jeffrey D. Himpele
GER 517
Modernism and Modernity - Digital Cultures
Claus Pias
LIN 201
Introduction to Language and Linguistics
Laura Kalin
LIN 355
Field Methods in Linguistics
Florian A. Lionnet
SML 201
Introduction to Data Science
Yan Huang
AMS 331
The Artist-Citizen: Socially Engaged Art in the 21st Century
Katie Pearl
COM 402
Radical Poetics, Radical Translation
Karen R. Emmerich
SOC 204
Social Networks
Matthew J. Salganik

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