October 2015 Updates

SIC's spring cleaning: The challenges to "neutral" data

The Blue Mountain bibliographic editing team has recently finished revising metadata for the French modernist magazine SIC (1916-1919), one of the 34 avant-garde periodicals in the Blue Mountain Project digital archive. This process has revealed the dynamic and fluid life of periodicals, the developments of modernist art and literature, and a slight tension between generating the ideal of “neutral” data and our scholarly urge to interpret. We are creating this metadata to provide information that is machine-actionable; that is, we are writing code to allow a computer program to harvest information about SIC and render it in a usable form. For example, if a researcher wants to track the price of the magazine over time, a few lines of computer script will read our metadata, harvest the data, and the researcher can use visualization software to render this information in a graph. If Blue Mountain is to provide a spring of clean data, the encoded metadata serves as the wellspring.
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