March 2015 Updates

Digital Humanities: Teaching and Research Symposium

The first session of the Digital Humanities: Teaching and Research symposium is well underway and featured lively presentations from Jo Guldi (Brown University), Nicole Coleman (Stanford University), Matthew Jones (Columbia University), and Sean Takats (George Mason University). Join us again this afternoon from 3:30-5:30 in McCormick 101 (next to the Art Museum) for the second session entitled, "Doing Research in DH."

Network Analysis Bootcamp

Friday, March 6 12:00 - 4:00 pm, 1-N-11 Green Hall   Want to find hidden connections in your sources? Make a beautiful network graph to show your findings? Learn what questions to ask of a graph? Then come to the Center for Digital Humanities for a hands-on Introduction to Network Analysis. After this half day bootcamp you will know how to create network graphs for your own research, whether you are creating your network data by hand or cleaning a preexisting data set. Most importantly, you will have learned how to identify which of your research questions are best answered with this powerful methodology.   This workshop will also introduce you to two powerful software packages: Gephi (network analysis) and OpenRefine (data cleaning). No prior experience is required.  Participants are asked to bring a laptop with Gephi and OpenRefine installed (instructions for downloading the free software can be found at and If you have problems installing either, come anyway and CDH staff will help you get setup.
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