Why Black Bibliography Matters

Guest Lecture

Mar 23 4:30 – 6:00 pm
Why Black Bibliography Matters

RBWG (Rare Book Working Group) & CDH Spring Speaker Series: Kinohi Nishikawa & Timothy Thompson

The Yale-Rutgers Black Bibliography Project (BBP) leverages linked open data technologies to encode the intersection of African American studies, descriptive bibliography, rare book cataloging, and emerging standards for modeling bibliographic metadata. Through a collaborative process, it was designed to provide a new context for exploring and documenting Black print culture, in a way that would be both multidimensional and extensible.

This two-part presentation explores the work of outlining a rationale for Black textual criticism in the twenty-first century within the context of the Black Bibliography Project. The discussion will examine BBP’s methodological grounding in descriptive bibliography and digital humanities and advance an argument for a seemingly paradoxical pursuit: the systematic study of the wide diversity of Black textual production.

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