Virtual Victorians: ENG 363


February 05 11:00 am – May 26 12:20 pm

Virtual Victorians: ENG 363 (MW, 11:00-12:20)

Are you reading this on a screen? Technology changes how we read, but that has always been the case. In the 19th century, print technology changed the way readers experienced texts; today, technology lets us access 19th-century texts in new ways. How do digital projects reimagine literature as data and metadata? How do we decide what to preserve? We'll explore the print culture of the 19th century, learn techniques of close and distant reading, and think about how people and computers are taught to read poems. No prior experience with digital humanities tools or poetry required.

This course is co-taught through the Collaborative Teaching Initiative by Prof. Martin and graduate student Miranda Marraccini.