Like other CDH projects, CDH Web is a collaborative project involving many people with many diverse skills.

Most site content written by CDH staff and affiliates, except blog posts as indicated.

Acceptance testing for software features by Deborah Schlein, Jim Casey, Kate Clairmont, Mary Naydan, Nora Benedict, Sarah Meadows, Rebecca Munson, Natalia Ermolaev.

Site visuals

The CDH logo was designed by Lindsay Nordell.

CDH icon images were designed by Xinyi Li.

Profile photos taken at CDH by Xinyi Li, Nick Budak, Jean Bauer, Gissoo Doroudian.

Technical Details

This website is powered by a custom Python/Django codebase with a custom data model created to document the people, projects, and events associated with CDH activities. Technical documentation and database diagrams are available.

Software developed

Platforms, Libraries, and Technologies

CDH web relies on an ecosystem of existing open and free software packages, libraries, and languages. The team is grateful for the many organizations and individual developers who share our commitment to creating well documented, open source software solutions.