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See you at Shakespeare and Company

This is an exciting time for the folks working on Mapping Expatriate Paris. Thanks to the efforts of Carl Adair and Ellie Green, we recently completed the first major phase of our project, taking down a complete diplomatic transcription of all the card faces in the Sylvia Beach lending library card catalog. This has been no small task. In total there are 568 names in the catalog many with multiple cards to their name. Taking recto verso into account, this amounts to 2,329 images in our indexed image directory. Among the challenges of a diplomatic transcription are the many irregularities and eccentricities in Sylvia Beach’s notation, not to mention the sometimes more straightforward difficulties of deciphering her hand. We are still working out which scripts are definitively her own, but most of the cards do seem to have been made by Beach herself, or most likely, in some cases by her young assistant Françoise Bernheim. It is a testament to Carl and Ellie’s perseverance and professionalism that we were able to complete this project phase over the summer of 2015, just as we had planned.


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